Lawsuit Settlements

When it comes to civil lawsuits, a settlement is an option to engage when proceeding toward a court trial. A settlement can be achieved when a defendant agrees to the plaintiff’s demand. A settlement before trial usually ends the lawsuit. Settlement has always been a good choice for many reasons. The most consistent reason is to avert the high cost of litigation. Settlements can occur during or before the start of the trial. Nevertheless, in cases concerning multiple defendants, settlements usually require approval of the court.

Legal action originates in cases when the accuser ascertains that another has caused injury to his person, and seeks compensation from that person. The parties to a lawsuit are called the plaintiff(s) and the defendant(s). Should the defendant's attorney assess the action to be more promising for the other side, then he may advise his client to settle. Before deciding to take the action to trial, it is critical to weigh the cost and time, proceeding to trial.

Practice Areas

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