Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

"Civil litigation" concerns the judicial resolution of claims by one individual or group against another and is to be distinguished from "criminal trials," in which the state prosecutes an individual for violation of criminal law. We handle a variety of matters on behalf of individuals and/or businesses either prosecuting or defending matters of dispute.

Business Litigation

Our aggressive litigation attorneys handle all forms of litigation and dispute resolution, including court and jury trials, arbitration, mediation and litigation. Our litigation practice extends to contract, partnership and shareholder disputes, fraud claims, commercial and business matters, business torts, fraud or negligent misrepresentation claims.

Personal Injury Litigation

We represent individuals involved in controversies alleging a wrong or damage to another's person, rights, reputation, or property resulting from events or activities such as automobile accidents, defective products, infliction of emotional distress, intentional misconduct, and negligence.

Practice Areas

Statement of Practice Summary: Civil Liability, Civil Litigation (Plaintiff and Defendant), Personal Liability, Pedestrian Injuries, Personal Injury Law, Professional License Defense, Severe Burns, Head & Spine Injury, Business, Lawsuits, Employment, Contracts, Fraud and Deceit, Wrongful Death, Uninsured Defense, Trial Practice in all State and Federal Courts.