Defective Products

The essential factual elements for strict product liability are: The person claims that [he/she] was harmed by a product [distributed/manufactured/sold] by [ the manufacturer, retailer, etc.] that:[contained a manufacturing defect;] [or] [was defectively designed;] [or] [did not include sufficient [instructions] [or] [warning of potential safety hazards].] (CACI 1200)

Unsafe, faulty, poorly labeled or inappropriately used products can be found nearly anywhere. Charles P. Charlton represents people who have been injured due to defective product design, defective manufacturing, inadequate labeling and product warnings, misuse by a third party, recalls and other factors. Injuries can originate from: Vehicle Rollovers, Defective Tires, Defective Airbags, Defective Seatbelts, Vehicle Components, Automobile Products, Medical Devices, Prescription and Over-the-Counter Drugs, Construction Equipment, Machinery, Ladders and Scaffolds, Asbestos, Tools, Motorcycles, Motorcycle Helmets, All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs), Personal Watercraft (Jet Skis), Consumer Products, Household Products, Children's Toys, Exercise Equipment, Defective Roof Structures and Toxic Exposures.

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