Rapes and Assaults

Building owners must provide a reasonably secure environment for people who live in their building or come onto their property. Negligent security in private and public buildings can result in easy access for criminals.

Basic duty of care: A person who [owns/leases/occupies/controls] property is negligent if he or she fails to use reasonable care to keep the property in a reasonably safe condition. A person who [owns/leases/occupies/controls] property must use reasonable care to discover any unsafe conditions and to repair, replace, or give adequate warning of anything that could be reasonably expected to harm others. (CACI 1001)

Unsafe conditions occur when: A condition on the property creates an unreasonable risk of harm; the person knew or, through the exercise of reasonable care, should have known about it; and the person failed to repair the condition, protect against harm from the condition, or give adequate warning of the condition. (CACI 1003)

If your life has been affected by rape or sexual assault in a privately owned building or in public housing contact Mr. Charles P. Charlton for a consultation at (310)286-0334.